I was sick of this looking abandoned when that is not exactly what happened. I write in my livejournal now, and you can go there and leave a comment and ask me why I've been crying so much lately. Maybe if someone calls me out on it I will stop. The crying doesn't make any sense because it is apple season. I could understand it in February when there isn't any fresh produce within a 200 mile radius, but now there are galas! And honey crisps! And ida reds! And all of my other favorite apple varieties (except for granny smith, because I can never find Michigan-grown granny smiths).

I am not putting this on a separate page, so if you are reading this diary for the first time, please be aware that there is almost a year between this entry and the one right below it.

2:04 pm


It is probably unfair to blame the shorts.

Yesterday when I woke up it was 23 degrees. Today it is 33 degrees. It is like a tropical paradise out there! Should I wear shorts? (That is not a real question, since I never wear shorts, ever.) (Except now that I've typed that, I realize that I'm wearing shorts right now, but they're pajama shorts. I mean I never wear shorts in public, ever. Which is also kind of untrue, but I don't want to explain why. I guess I might as well just say "Shorts: I think they're ugly!") (Or "Hey! It's cold out there!" since that is probably more the point of this entry than my wardrobe choices.)
P.S. Dolly!

7:38 am



The other day I complained to the roommate about how I never win anything. So today, this happened:

5:46 pm


I would do it again I would do it again.

Some facts about me:

(1) I drink a lot of water. No, I mean a lot of water.

(2) When I see a sign that says, "Freeway closed ahead," I don't think, "Hmm, it looks like I94 is going to be closed. Time for an alternate route!" I think, "Yeah, sure. Like they can close I94. Riiiiight." (But they can! They can just close the whole highway!)

(3) I have Mountain Goats fever! It beats the bird flu.

(4) I'd really like a nice-looking web site with my own domain name on which I wrote poetic and thoughtful things, but instead I have a diaryland and a livejournal on which I write about my tendency to disbelieve road signs.

11:32 pm


About a squirrel.

Yesterday at school I gave half of my granola bar to a squirrel because she thudded down onto the bench next to me and tried to eat a candy bar wrapper while staring at me. I felt bad, tossed the granola bar toward her and while she was excitedly nibbling at it I thought, "Wow. This is as close to making a friend at library school as I am going to get." Then another squirrel came and chased her away, but she managed to hold on to the granola bar, as far as I could tell. Which is good, because that granola bar was for my friend.

7:53 pm


If libraries had nacho bars we would all be much happier.

How is it even possible that I thought that the word 'upholstery' started with an a?

If I had not vowed to lie less in my essay, I probably would not be writing about upholstery. But I probably would be writing about the library's sexy parties or all you can eat nacho bar. So, what I'm saying is, it's a good thing that I stopped while I still had some kind of control over it.

1:09 am


That's all I ever get from you.

I was just sitting here dutifully working on my paper about my visit to the Ypsilanti Library (which according to the syllabus needs to be turned in by 11:55pm tonight, but in actuality can be turned in whenever (which sort of begs the question of why my teacher bothered to write that it was due by 11:55pm when he doesn't really care when we hand things in). i, however, refuse to have this hanging over my head at the john vanderslice show tomorrow, so it will be done before i sleep. maybe.), and it suddenly hit me that it is full of lies. I mean, I did most of what I'm writing about, but some of it is lies. They are not even interesting lies. They are lies that take up space.

And then I had to search the internet until I found a listenable version of "Lies" by the Knickerbockers (because my priorities are very firmly in place). Then I wondered if I knew any other songs about lies, but an iTunes search only turned up "Killing all the Flies" by Mogwai, "Beatles, Please Come Back" by Gigi Parker and the Lonelies and three (3) versions of "100,000 Fireflies." And also "Goodnight Baby" by the Butterflies which is one of my favorite songs lately. I've been hoping for a while to come up with a good way to work it into an entry, but this is probably about as close as I'm going to come, ok?

[Edited five seconds later to add: the pillow! I bought a fantastic new pillow yesterday and she sings about laying her head on a pillow! Which might have been a better segue than lies. Or maybe not, because it would've involved an entry about my new pillow.]

11:03 pm

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